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Move with Lugg

We know that moving can be a challenging process when you have a lot of logistics to handle. That’s why Storage Sense has partnered with Lugg to offer fast, reliable storage moves at 42 of our self storage locations. Whether you need same-day service or scheduled moves, Lugg’s professional team is here to help. This partnership gives our tenants the convenience of booking their moves and their storage space from our Storage Sense facilities online. Set yourself up with an easy moving experience from start to finish.

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How Lugg Works

Lugg’s services for your storage move are straightforward. Begin by packing your belongings carefully for the move and organizing your boxes and bins with labels. Next, book with Lugg by scheduling your move on the website or app. You can also access Lugg from our participating Storage Sense locations—check your closest facility! You can easily book movers 30 minutes in advance or up to 30 days ahead, depending on your needs. Once scheduled, the Lugg team picks up your items and transports them to your Storage Sense unit or new location hassle-free. They recommend that someone be present at both pickup and drop-off locations.

Lugg specializes in moving large and bulky items, including furniture, mattresses, appliances, gym equipment, and more. Movers can handle any disassembly and assembly required to complete your move, but please note that the movers carry basic tools, so if your items require specific tools or instructions, you will need to have those available. Let the team help you get organized into your self storage rental!

Why Choose Lugg for Your Move into Storage?

  • Affordable Rates
  • Convenient Scheduling that Can Accommodate 30 Minutes to 30 Days Ahead of Time
  • Efficient & Experienced Moving Professionals
  • Instant Price Quote Online
  • Same-Hour Service Available


Find a participating Storage Sense location by looking for the Lugg banner on your local facility’s rental page!