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Large Storage Units

We understand that sometimes, more space is exactly what you need. Our large storage units are designed to handle substantial storage needs, from entire household contents to expansive business inventory. These are great for families who are moving, businesses in need of extra warehouse space, or anyone with larger items such as vehicles or extensive outdoor equipment, our large units offer the flexibility and capacity to keep your belongings secure and organized. Discover how our large storage unit sizes can accommodate your most demanding storage requirements and simplify your transition or storage project.

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A Breakdown of Storage Sense’s Large Storage Units

10x15 unit10×15 Unit

Offering 150 square feet of space, the 10×15 storage unit is comparable to a large bedroom in size. This unit can comfortably accommodate the furnishings of a two-bedroom apartment or small house, including larger appliances, multiple furniture sets (such as bedroom and dining sets), and numerous boxes. Its dimensions are particularly suited for longer items like couches and dining tables.

Best for: Homeowners in the process of relocating or remodeling who need to store the majority of their household items temporarily. Business owners can also take advantage of this size for inventory or equipment that requires a bit more space than what’s offered by smaller units.



10x20 unit10×20 Unit

The 10×20 storage unit provides 200 square feet of space, equivalent to a standard one-car garage. This size can hold the contents of a three- to four-bedroom house, including large furniture pieces, appliances, boxes, and even vehicles. Its ample space allows for well-organized storage, with room for walkways between items for easier access.

Best for: Families needing to store nearly all their possessions during major home renovations or moves. Similarly, businesses requiring storage for large inventory amounts or for storing equipment securely can find solutions big enough here.



10x30 unit10×30 Unit

With 300 square feet of space, the 10×30 storage unit is the largest standard option, providing enough room to store the contents of a four- to five-bedroom house. It can accommodate extensive furniture collections, appliances, garage tools, vehicles, and much more. The unit’s size gives plenty of space to create aisles for accessibility and to organize items systematically.

Best for: Substantial storage needs, such as relocating a large household or a business looking for extensive storage solutions for inventory, archives, or equipment.


What Items Can Fit in a Large Storage Unit?

Large storage units at Storage Sense are perfectly suited to handle your most expansive storage needs. These units are ideal for storing items that require more space than what medium or small units can provide, offering a practical solution for a wide range of large-scale storage demands:

  • Whole House Contents: Multi-bedroom house, including all living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture
  • Vehicles: Cars, motorcycles, and small boats (check with your specific facility before storing vehicles)
  • Large Appliances: Refrigerators, chest freezers, washing machines, and dryers
  • Oversized Furniture: Sectional sofas, large dining table sets, patio furniture, and poolside loungers
  • Business Inventory & Equipment: Business inventory, including large quantities of product stock, bulky machinery, or extensive filing systems
  • Recreational Vehicles & Equipment: RVs, trailers, or large sporting equipment such as canoes, large kayaks, and horse tack
  • Workshop Tools & Equipment: Large tools and equipment used in woodworking, auto repair, or other crafts that require significant space

Where Can You Find a Large Storage Unit Near You?

With locations in all regions of the country, Storage Sense is your trusted partner for any self storage project. Choose from a wide selection of sizes and different features to accommodate your needs as they change over time.

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Does your storage load include moisture-sensitive or valuable belongings? It is important to consider the proper protection for these kinds of items when looking for a storage unit. Look for a facility that offers indoor, temperature-controlled, or climate-controlled storage units. If you are prioritizing accessibility and convenience, our drive-up storage is another excellent storage solution. Come to Storage Sense for any self storage situation!

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