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Vehicle Storage Sizes

We at Storage Sense recognize the unique storage requirements that come with different types of vehicles. Whether you need to protect a classic car, store your RV away from the elements, or find a spot for your boat during the off-season, our varied vehicle storage parking spaces are tailored to fit your needs. From compact motorcycles to expansive motorhomes, our parking spaces come in several sizes to ensure every vehicle gets the right fit. Explore our different Storage Sense facilities to see how our diverse parking space sizes can meet your specific vehicle storage needs.

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A Breakdown of Storage Sense’s Standard Vehicle Storage Sizes

20' vehicle storage 20′ Parking Spaces

A 20-foot vehicle storage space is ideal for smaller vehicles and is commonly used for:

Standard Cars & Sedans: Keep your family car or a daily driver protected from weather conditions and potential vandalism when not in use.

Small Boats: Suitable for smaller watercraft, such as bass boats or small sailboats, along with their trailers.

Motorcycles and ATVs: Provides ample room for one or multiple motorcycles or ATV storage, ensuring they are secure and out of the elements.

Jet Skis: Can typically accommodate one or two jet skis with trailers, making it a convenient option for seasonal storage.

This size is excellent for tenants seeking to protect their vehicle without the need for the extensive space that larger equipment might require, ensuring their prized possessions are safe and sound while not in use.


30' vehicle storage30’+ Parking Spaces

The 30-foot or larger vehicle storage spaces cater to much larger vehicles and equipment, including:

RVs & Motorhomes: These longer spaces are tailored for storing recreational vehicles of various types and sizes, providing protection during the off-season or when not in frequent use. RVs can range up to 50 feet, so make sure you are renting space for your vehicle.

Large Boats: Ideal for accommodating larger boats, including cabin cruisers or large sailboats, along with their trailers.

Trailers: Perfect for longer or heavier trailers used for business or personal use, such as car haulers, large camper trailers, or equipment trailers.

Commercial Vehicles: Can store larger commercial vehicles like box trucks, work vans, or small buses.

Tenants who require storage for larger vehicles will find these spaces particularly beneficial, as they offer ample room to store, protect, and access their vehicles easily.

Where Can You Find Vehicle Storage Near You?

Storage Sense is here to help you through any self storage project. From renting a storage unit to stashing your vehicle, we provide assistance where you need it most. With locations in all regions of the country, you can easily find a Storage Sense close to you. View each facility to browse its available storage selection online, and pick out a space for your car, boat, or RV today!

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Vehicle storage is offered at select Storage Sense locations. Please check online or call the facility for parking space availability.