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Small Storage Units

Whether you are dealing with a small load or a short rental duration, small storage units are cost-effective and versatile. They can help as you are clearing out a little bit of clutter, or they can also act as a convenient long-term options to supplement your primary storage space. Review our small storage unit sizes to find the perfect solution for your situation.

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A Breakdown of Storage Sense’s Small Storage Unit Sizes

storage lockerStorage Locker

Storage lockers are the smallest available option, typically ranging in size from a small closet to a large locker (about 4x3x4 feet), offering a compact solution for personal items. They’re perfect for storing a few boxes, suitcases, seasonal decor, or personal documents. Storage lockers are available at select Storage Sense locations.

Best for: Individuals needing minimal extra space to store items they don’t frequently use but need to keep secure, such as important papers, small collections, or a few pieces of sports equipment.


5x5 unit5×5 Unit

A 5×5 storage unit is akin to a walk-in closet, offering 25 square feet of space. This size is ideal for storing small furniture pieces, boxes, suitcases, or seasonal items. It can hold the contents of a small room or studio apartment, including several boxes and one or two pieces of furniture. This is one of the most common storage unit sizes for those in need of cost-effective solutions.

Best for: Those looking to declutter a small living space or needing to store seasonal items, such as holiday decorations, winter coats, or a small mattress set.



5x10 unit5×10 Unit

The 5×10 storage unit provides 50 square feet of space, equivalent to a walk-in closet. It can comfortably accommodate furniture from a small one-bedroom apartment, such as a sofa, a small dining set, a mattress set, and several boxes. This size is also suitable for outdoor furniture during the off-season or a motorcycle.

Best for: Individuals or couples moving from a small apartment or looking to store the contents of a medium-sized room. It’s also ideal for those requiring storage for larger items, such as living room furniture or an extensive collection of boxes.


What Items Can Fit a Small Storage Unit?

When renting smaller sizes, commonly stored items in small storage units typically include:

  • Electronics: Unused or old electronics that need to be stored safe, such as old laptops, cameras, or gaming consoles
  • Seasonal Decorations: Holiday ornaments, lights, and other seasonal decorations
  • Office Supplies: Excess office equipment and documents, especially for those who are downsizing or decluttering a home office
  • Personal Items: Books, clothes, and shoes
  • Small Furniture: End tables, nightstands, and small desks
  • Sporting Goods: Seasonal sports equipment like skis, snowboards, or golf clubs
  • Tools & Equipment: Smaller tools and gardening equipment that are not used on a daily basis


What Items Are Too Large for a Small Storage Unit?

It’s important that you take the time to carefully assess the dimensions of both your items and your storage unit. When in doubt, opt for a larger storage unit size to ensure that everything fits comfortably and safely. This will reduce the risk of damage during storage and retrieval. Always measure both the furniture and the storage unit door to ensure they can fit through and be accommodated without damaging the item or the unit.

If you need to store one of these items, or another object of their size, we recommend that you consider a larger storage unit size:

  • Large Furniture: Sofas, armchairs, and large desks
  • Appliances: Full-size refrigerators, washers, dryers, and stoves
  • Bulky Sports Equipment: Larger sports equipment such as kayaks, canoes, large treadmills, or exercise machines
  • Outdoor Gear: Patio furniture, large grills, and garden statues or other large decorative items
  • Large Musical Instruments: Grand pianos and large drum kits

Where Can You Find a Small Storage Unit Near You?

Storage Sense has locations in all regions of the country. All are equipped with small storage unit sizes to accommodate your home or business. Find the storage facility closest to you to rent your small storage unit online today!

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Choose from a variety of storage features to protect your belongings. Your Storage Sense facility may offer drive-up, climate-controlled, indoor, and/or temperature-controlled storage units. Learn the different between our specialized self storage to see which can best serve you!

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