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Student Storage

College life is a brand new adventure, but it also comes with many changes—from moving into dorms to switching apartments between semesters or heading off to study abroad. These frequent transitions can make managing personal belongings quite the challenge. Self storage provides a flexible and cost-effective solution, offering students a secure place to store furniture, textbooks, seasonal clothing, and more during summer breaks. Discover how Storage Sense’s units can support college student storage needs across the country, with a variety of unit sizes and convenient features.

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Advantages of Self Storage for College Students

Self storage isn’t just for short-term needs; it also provides a long-term solution that can adapt to changing student requirements. Storage Sense offers month-by-month leases, giving you the flexibility to use storage as long as you need without long-term commitments. Here are a few reasons we see college students seeking self storage:

  • Downsizing: Moving from a larger apartment to a smaller one or into a shared living situation? Use a storage unit to keep items that won’t fit in the new, smaller space.
  • Gap Year or Internships: For those taking a gap year or participating in internships away from campus, a storage unit provides a safe place to store possessions until you return to continue your studies.
  • Organization: Keep your living space uncluttered and organized by storing non-essential items in a storage unit, creating a better environment for studying.
  • Study Abroad: If you’re spending a semester abroad, self storage offers a secure place to keep your personal belongings and furniture until you return, saving you the cost of renting an unoccupied space.
  • Summer Storage: Avoid the hassle of hauling dorm room furnishings, books, and seasonal clothing back home over the summer. A storage unit near campus can save you time and transportation costs.


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Choosing the Right Storage Unit Size

The best storage unit size for college students typically depends on several factors, including the amount of items to store, budget, and specific personal needs. Small storage units, such as 5×5 and 5×10, are similar in size to a small closet or half a bathroom, and are ideal for storing items like seasonal clothing, books, and small furniture pieces. These units are budget-friendly for students who don’t have a lot of belongings and need just a little extra space.

For students who may be sharing a unit with a roommate or have larger items such as living room furniture or multiple appliances, a medium-sized unit (about 10×10) offers ample space without being excessively large. This size can comfortably accommodate items from a standard dorm room or a small apartment. For an accurate storage unit size recommendation for your load, visit our online storage calculator, or talk with a storage expert at the Storage Sense closest to you!

Should You Rent a Specialty Storage Unit?

As a college student considering storage solutions, you want to balance your budget while also finding the proper security for your items. Understanding the various features offered by storage facilities will help you choose the perfect unit for your needs. Here’s a breakdown of some key storage features and when they might be particularly beneficial:

Drive-Up Storage: These units are accessible directly from your vehicle, much like a garage, making them incredibly convenient for frequent access. Drive-up storage can handle heavy or bulky items like furniture or large boxes that you prefer to move without carrying long distances. This feature is especially handy when you’re moving at the beginning and end of semesters; it simplifies loading and unloading your belongings.

Climate-Controlled Storage: Climate-controlled units not only manage temperature but also control humidity levels. This type of storage is perfect for storing books, important paperwork, clothing, and furniture that could be affected by moisture, helping prevent mold and mildew. If you’re in a region with high humidity or drastic seasonal changes, opting for climate-controlled storage would be beneficial.

Vehicle Storage Options: Many storage facilities offer solutions for vehicle storage, including spots for cars, motorcycles, or even larger vehicles like boats and RVs. This is particularly useful if you’re an out-of-state student who doesn’t need a vehicle during the semester or you’re planning to study abroad for a few months. Vehicle storage can be either covered, uncovered, or enclosed, depending on the level of protection you’re looking for.


How to Get Started with Storage Sense

Once you decide on the best storage solution for you, you can browse your local options with Storage Sense. With locations in all regions of the country, we have secure facilities close to dozens of colleges and universities. You can keep convenient access to your belongings—no matter the semester or break storage—when you rent a storage unit near your campus. Discover how easy it is to stay organized with self storage!

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