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Welcome to Storage Sense, your prime source for secure and versatile indoor storage units. Our indoor storage solutions provide a wealth of benefits tailored to fit your distinct storage needs.

Indoor storage units in Orlando, FL

Storage Sense in Orlando, FL

What are Indoor Storage Units?

Indoor storage units, as the name suggests, are storage spaces located within a building. They function much like a personal, secure room where you can store various items, from household goods and personal belongings to business inventory. These units are ideal for both short-term and long-term storage needs.

One of the key advantages of indoor units at Storage Sense is the added layer of protection they offer against weather-related damage. This makes them an excellent choice for storing sensitive items like electronics, antiques, paperwork, and artwork. They also offer increased privacy and often enhanced security features, such as surveillance cameras and individual unit alarms. As a beginner considering storage solutions, indoor storage units are an adaptable, safe, and convenient option to meet a variety of storage needs.

Benefits of Indoor Storage Units

  1. Climate Control: Our indoor units often come with the added benefit of climate control, safeguarding your belongings from extreme temperature shifts that might harm delicate items.
  2. Enhanced Security: Our indoor storage units are nestled within a protected building, offering an extra level of security. We uphold strict safety measures, such as video surveillance, keypad accessible features, and gated entry.
  3. Versatility: We present a broad range of unit sizes to meet your unique storage needs. From a handful of boxes to an entire household’s worth of possessions, we can accommodate it all.
  4. Clean and Dry: The advantage of indoor storage extends to keeping your belongings sheltered from harsh weather conditions, thus ensuring they remain clean and dry.

Common Reasons for Choosing Indoor Storage Units

  1. Relocation: Moving can be a chaotic process, and our indoor storage units offer a safe place to house your belongings during transitions. Whether you’re moving to a new home, switching leases, living in temporary accommodations, or moving across the country, our indoor storage solutions offer peace of mind.
  2. Major Life Changes: Life can be unpredictable, bringing about sudden changes or life events such as divorce, retirement, starting college, or recovering from a natural disaster. During these times, our indoor storage units can provide a secure and convenient space to keep your belongings.
  3. Organizing and Decluttering: Indoor storage units can be a practical solution when you want to declutter your living or working space without parting with your cherished possessions. Use our indoor units to store items you wish to keep but don’t need immediate access to.
  4. Compact Living Spaces: Apartment living often means limited storage space. Our indoor storage units can provide the extra room you need to comfortably store your belongings, making apartment living more organized and spacious.
  5. Seasonal Storage: With changing seasons come changing needs. From storing seasonal clothes and sports equipment to holiday decorations, indoor storage units provide a clean, dry, and safe environment for your items.
  6. Business Use: Small businesses, retail stores, or home offices can use indoor storage units for inventory or equipment, freeing up valuable workspace while ensuring their business assets are safe and secure.
  7. Home Renovations: During a home improvement project, indoor storage units can offer a temporary home for your furniture and other household items, protecting them from potential damage during the renovation process.
  8. Collectibles & Valuable Items: Indoor storage units can provide a secure, climate-controlled environment for storing collectibles, artwork, and other valuable items that require special care and protection.

What Items Can I Store in my Indoor Storage Unit?

Indoor storage units at Storage Sense offer versatility and protection for a broad range of items. Whether you’re in the midst of a move, making space in your home, or safeguarding business inventory, our indoor units are a reliable choice. Here’s a snapshot of the types of items you can safely store in your indoor storage unit:

  • Household Goods: Furniture, electronics, kitchenware, seasonal decorations, clothing, and other personal belongings.
  • Business Items: Office furniture, documents, excess inventory, equipment, and supplies.
  • Collectibles: Artwork, antiques, comic books, rare books, vinyl records, wine, and other valuables.
  • Personal Items: Family heirlooms, photo albums, keepsakes, and sentimental items.
  • Sporting Equipment: Skis, snowboards, bicycles, golf clubs, camping gear, and other seasonal sports gear.

Remember: While indoor storage units can accommodate a wide range of items, certain things like perishables, hazardous materials, weapons, and illegal items are not suitable for storage. If you’re unsure about what you can store, our team at Storage Sense is always ready to help guide you.

Considerations When Renting an Indoor Storage Unit

  1. Convenience of Access: Confirm that the facility provides suitable access hours that align with your requirements. Some locations may even offer 24/7 access.
  2. Unit Size: Evaluate the volume of items you plan to store and select an appropriate unit size. An excessively large unit might result in unnecessary costs, while a too-small unit may not accommodate all your belongings comfortably.
  3. Security Provisions: The facility should implement robust security measures, including CCTV cameras, secure access control, and adequate lighting.
  4. Climate Control: For items that are vulnerable to changes in temperature or humidity, a climate-controlled indoor unit is a sensible choice.
  5. Ease of Navigation: Ensure that the facility is designed in a way that allows easy navigation to your unit, especially if you’ll be moving bulky items.
  6. Pricing: Understand all costs associated with the unit, including the monthly rent, potential security deposits, and any late payment fees.
  7. Insurance: Insurance for your stored items is mandatory at Storage Sense to guarantee protection. While we don’t offer insurance directly, you have the liberty to choose your own insurance provider, allowing you to find a policy that meets your needs and budget.
  8. Lease Agreement: At Storage Sense, we appreciate that your storage requirements may fluctuate. Hence, we provide flexible lease terms for our indoor storage units, ensuring no long-term commitments are needed. This adaptability allows you to rent a unit for the exact duration required, whether it’s for a month or longer.
  9. Cleanliness and Upkeep: The overall cleanliness of the facility often indicates the management’s commitment to maintaining the units. A tidy, well-managed facility likely provides a better environment for storing your belongings.
  10. Customer Support: Excellent customer service can be crucial if you encounter any problems with your unit or have queries. Storage Sense prides itself on offering friendly and responsive customer service.
  11. Restricted Items: Be mindful of the items that are not permitted in the storage unit. This typically includes perishables, hazardous substances, flammable items, weapons, and illegal items.

Choosing Your Indoor Storage Unit

Picking the right unit size can seem daunting. That’s why we’ve devised a handy online storage calculator to aid your decision-making process. Simply list your items, and our calculator will suggest the optimal unit size to suit your needs.

Renting Your Indoor Storage Unit

At Storage Sense, we offer the convenience of renting indoor storage units online. Our efficient process empowers you to rent self storage at a time that’s convenient for you, from any location, using any device.

Take the next step and visit our Online Storage Rentals page to learn about how to easily rent your storage unit or reach out to our dedicated team for more information.

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