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3 Tips for Packing a Storage Unit Properly

Are you considering self storage to help make extra room in your home or office? Storage Sense is the right company for the job, as we have storage facilities all over the United States. Not only do we provide quality self storage near you, but we also offer online storage tips and tricks to make your time with us easy and enjoyable. Follow our top tips for packing your storage unit to get the most of the space.

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How to Pack a Storage Unit to Stay Organized

Plan Your Layout Ahead of Time

The first step is taking inventory of what you are looking to store and planning the layout of the storage unit. Look at the size and stability of your boxes to see if they can be stacked on top of others or serve as a foundation. Store valuable items in a far corner from your storage unit door, but store items you will be accessing regularly close to the door to save yourself time. If your storage unit is on the larger side, leave space to create an aisle in the center of your storage unit, so you have room to move items and access all sides of your unit.

Come to Our Offices for Storage Supplies

Stock up on packing supplies ahead of time. Once you know how many items you need to pack up, come by the Storage Sense facility closest to you to purchase new, quality packing supplies. We sell boxes, locks, furniture covers, bubble wrap, and much more!

Create a Label System

Take the extra time to label your boxes with the contents. It will be helpful to you later when you are looking for something specific like garden tools and can skim over the labels to find “shed tools” instead of rummaging through boxes until you find what you are looking for. A label system will streamline every storage unit visit for efficiency.

Storage Sense Has Storage Facilities Near You

Look through our numerous self storage facilities to find the one closest to you! Then rent or reserve your Storage Sense storage unit online.

We offer contactless storage rental options to make finding storage near you easy. When you choose to rent online, you can browse through our available storage units to search for the best solution for your situation. Pick from small and large storage units, drive-up and temperature-controlled—for as long as you need. Storage Sense has month-by-month leases, so you can stay flexible as your needs change. Once you find the storage unit you wish to rent, it is just a few clicks until you receive access information for your Storage Sense facility. Call or email the office closest to you if you have any questions throughout the process. We are happy to help!

If you prefer to talk through your storage rental in person, our experts can help you access your needs to find the right storage space for you and your budget. Get started with Storage Sense today!

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