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Why Rent with Storage Sense in Memphis, TN?

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Looking for the perfect storage facility in Memphis, TN, to keep your items secure? Storage Sense is trusted around the country to provide safe, quality self storage to residents and businesses alike. Our multi-level storage facility on Madison Avenue is a prime location in Mid-Town for serving downtown businesses. See why Memphis residents choose Storage Sense for their storing needs!

Why Rent with Storage Sense in Memphis, TN?

1. Storage Sense Is Close to Downtown Memphis on Madison Avenue

Location. Location. Location. It really makes a difference in your storage experience. If you work downtown or live near the Medical District, Storage Sense is just a short trip up Madison Avenue. Having a self storage unit nearby can be an easy way to keep clutter out of your living or work space. Just swing by the storage facility on your way home from the office whenever you need to swap items out of storage. We are right off Route 79 in Midtown near I-69. Stop by and see your self storage options in person and tour the facility!

Neighborhoods Around Storage Sense


The Medical District

Central Gardens


2. Our Storage Sense Facility Offers Premier Storage Features

Storage Sense offers the ultimate protection for your belongings. Our temperature-controlled storage units prevent damage caused by moisture in the air. Maintaining a certain temperature range avoids fluctuations and extremes that often bring changes in humidity. This kind of indoor storage is ideal for sensitive materials (wood, electronics, metal, etc.). Protect your items from the Tennessee heat by storing with Storage Sense!

In addition to self storage, Storage Sense has outdoor parking that you can rent for your vehicle. At 200 square feet, the space can fit your car, truck, or small camper. It is time to clear your garage of extra vehicles!

3. Convenient for University of Memphis Student Storage

College students can also benefit from self storage. As your living situation changes from year to year, a nearby storage unit can be your saving grace when moving. Store your belongings in between leases, or keep seasonal items tucked away until you need them again. If you are from out of state, let Storage Sense help you organize your items so that you have room to make your home cozy and comfortable.

Storage Sense is a 10-minute drive to the University of Memphis. Students and faculty can take advantage of our easy storage rentals close by. Here a few other colleges in the area that can benefit from Storage Sense’s indoor storage:

Are you ready to find your storage solution in Memphis, TN? Whether you are downtown or Midtown, we have you covered with enough storage space for any project. Come to Storage Sense on Madison Avenue for a tour of the facility, or rent your self storage online completely contact-free!