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Why Choose Temperature Controlled Storage?

Temperature Controlled Storage

Getting ready to store a few belongings this summer? When the heat starts to rise Storage Sense recommends temperature controlled storage. This feature protects your gear from everything like extreme heat waves to the bitter winter chill. We make it so you do not have to worry about how your belongings will fair when the temperatures reach the highs of the season.This is a busy season for many business owners, as the vacationers come from all around, the small businesses need a place for extra inventory and storage is the solution.

Temperature Controlled Storage

When the snow melts and the flowers start to bloom, the housing market also grows with an influx of new properties on the market. Have you ever wondered what the secret was behind those house that sell in a few days? Realtors often mention clearing out a few areas around the house before listing your property. A small storage unit may just be the secret behind a fast sale. After you move your valuables to storage you have room to stage the area. Hire the professional or tackle this yourself, either way we are here when you need a few space saving suggestions. Before you know it you will be the house that sold in a few days.

Another industry seeing a lot of growth in the summer are our small businesses. When the out-of-town family comes to visit they will want to explore the neighborhood. Stock up extra inventory without over crowding the supply room. A drive up storage unit will be perfect to drop off and pick up inventory when you need it.

Industries benefiting from self storage

  • Retail Stores
  • Bakeries
  • Apartment Management Companies
  • Auto Body Shops

There are temperature controlled storage solutions to storing your gear this summer without any extra hassle. Our business storage options will answer the need for extra space. Need office space? Many of our facilities offer office rentals that provide a professional setting to meet clients and conduct day-to-day business.