Top 3 Tips for Storing Game Day Supplies

Whether your tailgating season happens all year or you start up the grill when the sun warms up, seasonal storage is the protection you need. Giving these MVP materials a space of their own helps you stay focused on rooting your team to victory.

seasonal storage

Canopy maintenance

You want your well seasoned grill to cook the chicken verses the sun. The sun’s harsh rays are tough on us and hard on the shade of our canopies. Good care of the canopy top is most important to make it last the whole season and into the next. Repair rips and tighten screws after cleaning from top to bottom.

Keep an eye on the time

Knowing kick off time is second nature, but also knowing your gate hours is important. Leave plenty of time to make a quick run to the storage unit to grab those last minute items you may have forgotten. You will be thankful for the labels when you are on the way to the game and need to grab the big cooler.

What not to store in closed spaces

Portable propane tanks and charcoal are best for only one season. These flammable items are not permitted in a storage unit because of potential fire hazardous. If you need to use up this seasons supply, have one last tailgate to commemorate the highlights of the season. If you are waiting for the next game store these items out of the storage unit in an cool dry place.

Make your tailgate party a touch down with these seasonal storage tips. With our self storage locations you have a variety of convenient storage units to store all your tailgating materials.

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