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Secure Mailbox Rentals in North York PA

Mailbox Rentals York PA

Do you need a place to accept mail? Storage Sense on North George Street can set you up with a professional mailing address in a secure location. Find self storage and mailbox rentals at our York PA location. Our self storage facility sits off I-83 where it meets Route 30. With easy access to these major roadways, we are easily accessible from anywhere in York PA. Call our office to secure your mailbox today!

Storage Sense Mailbox Rentals in York PA

At Storage Sense, we offer solutions for individuals and businesses in need of a personal mailbox. Conveniently store your belongings and check your mail in one location on North George Street. You can have mail and packages delivered to the address, and you will receive a message from Storage Sense when something arrives. We accept Amazon, FedEx, UPS, DHL, private delivery services, certified (authorized) letters, and packages up to 150 pounds.

3 Benefits of Renting a Mailbox

  1. Keep Your Privacy. If you work from your home, you may not want to give out your address. Renting a mailbox allows you to keep your privacy while also keeping your mail and packages secure.
  2. Packages Stay Safe. When you order a package to your home on a day that you are not home, there is always a risk involved. Make sure no packages get stolen or damaged by sending them to us.
  3. No Need to Change Mailing Addresses When You Move. If you plan on staying in the same area but not necessarily the same home, a mailbox rental is for you. That way when you move to a new apartment, you have less paperwork and can still receive your packages. This is also convenient for York College of Pennsylvania students who move to a new apartment or residence hall each year.

Would you like to set up a mailbox rental in York PA for yourself or your business? Call our office on North George Road today! Or rent self storage from Storage Sense online.