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Refer a Friend for Storage Savings

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Need more space to organize your items through a move. With storage facilities in half of the United States, Storage Sense is prepared and has already helped many tenants move as cities saw large numbers of residents moving away at the start of the pandemic. We look at why there were so many movers below. Be sure to refer a friend to Storage Sense to save on your rental! Get started with us today!

Why Some People Moved Away from the City at the Beginning of the Pandemic

  1. Be Closer to Family and Friends. The pandemic took a toll on all our social lives, and from that our mental health as well. Many people looked to their support system to get them through, and some even decided to temporarily move back in with their family or friends.
  2. Save on Rent. City rent is already expensive, but once many companies started working from home, some people started searching for more affordable places to conduct their work. Others were not as fortunate and were some of the hundreds of thousands of people laid off by their jobs.

Read more about why people were moving away from big cities like New York and Chicago.

Refer a Friend for a Storage Discount at Storage Sense

Storage Sense has self storage facilities all around the country to best serve you wherever you are. Use our storage locator to find the location closest to you to get started. Our knowledgeable experts can get your set up with the right amount of space for your items and your budget. Our self storage units are affordable and can be used for residential and commercial use. When you come to rent storage for your move, be sure to refer a friend and you get $50 off your rental. Rent or reserve your storage online today!

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