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Packing Supplies Made Easy

packing supplies

There are so many options when it comes to packing supplies. Here at Storage Sense we make it our mission to help you through every step of the moving process. We have a list of key tools you need to make your move easy and successful.

packing supplies

  • Add bubble wrap, kraft paper or newsprint to you list. Protect your belongings while in transit to their new location. All of these materials act as a vibration absorbent.
  • If you are moving your whole house, go for the upgrade with the  handled tape dispenser, and most importantly don’t forget the extra rolls.
  • Don’t let your chairs go unnoticed. Add a cover to your living room, office and even patio chairs to keep them looking new the next time you need them.
  • Be careful with the extra-large and large boxes; they seem like the perfect box to move all your belongings in one move but leave the heavy lifting to the small/medium boxes.
  • If you are buying boxes and packing your kitchen consider a protection kit to prevent any breakage.
  • The zinc plated lock and disk lock provide extra protection against the weather. The disk lock is the only security lock with water drainage, to make your protection last.
  • The Damp rid odor genie last 90 days and is a great investment for keeping the smells out!
  • Stretch wrap is perfect for keeping doors closed on furniture and bundling small objects together while moving.
  • A pair of work gloves with grips on the underside will help you move your boxes in without slipping.
  • It is smart to have “fragile” labels on hand while you are packing. If you have helpers, the sticker will let them know to take extra special care of the box.
  • Take the guess work out of packing supplies and get the starter moving kit.

Keep the motivation going with Storage Sense. All of our locations have an excellent team to guide you through the hectic moving process.