Packing for storage, all you need to know

Warmer temperatures are right around the corner and many of you may be planning for a big move, are your belongings ready? Whether it is a move or deep clean for the start of spring, our storage packing tips point you in the right direction. There is a lot that goes into moving and a long list to clean after a cold winter, but with Storage Sense the self storage possibilities are endless. A little extra space goes a long way and our units protect your valuables while the home search continues.

Let us help you figure out the best packing ideas before you arrive at our storage facility.

storage packing tips

  • Have a variety of materials to pack your belongings correctly. We offer specialty boxes such as wardrobe boxes or extra large boxes for the bigger items.
  • Separate your belongings into two piles, moving to the new house or storage unit and donation.
  • Going room to room packing everything you see is easy, but if you have items that are meant for another room in the house make sure you take them to correct place.
  • Take special care of your fine china with a dish packing kit or a roll of bubble wrap. Stack plates on their side and put a piece of cardboard or bubble wrap in between.
  • Utilize every space. Keep the dresser drawers in the dresser so you can use them as a storage spot for pillows and blankets.
  • Have an emergency bag with all your must have items. Anything you use on a regular basis or will need right away should be kept off to the side. Pack this bag last so it is first unpacked.
  • A local moving company will take care of heavy lifting. Talk with your store manager to find one in your neighborhood.

Our storage packing tips make storing during any season successful. Be prepared for storage with Storage Sense!

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