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Storage Sense’s Guide to Moving to Oklahoma City

Movers guide to Oklahoma City

Are you in the process to relocate to Oklahoma City? Storage Sense has put together a movers guide for your easy transition to Oklahoma City. OklahomaĀ City – locallyĀ knownĀ asĀ OKCĀ isĀ sometimesĀ overlookedĀ inĀ favorĀ ofĀ otherĀ citiesĀ inĀ theĀ region,Ā suchĀ asĀ DallasĀ orĀ KansasĀ City. However,Ā OKCĀ hasĀ aĀ richĀ history,Ā aĀ thrivingĀ culture,Ā andĀ aĀ promisingĀ futureĀ ofĀ itsĀ own. The city is unique in its ability to balance Oklahoma’s traditional Midwest background with the spirit and change so often associated with a diverse and growing region. Considering moving to Oklahoma City this year? Discover the city with our definitive guide below!

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Explore the Economy

Quick Facts

Total Population: 655,057

Median Household Income: $53,973

Median Property Value:Ā $161,700

Median Rent:Ā $826

Economic Overview

Oklahoma City is the capital and largest city in Oklahoma. Consequently, the city is host to a number of larger corporations, the majority of which are focused on energy exploration. Notably two fortune 500 companies make their home in the city, Chesapeake Energy and Devon Energy, and these two companies along with a handful of smaller energy companies account for a significant portion of the city’s economy.

Indeed, the state as a whole mirrors this energy sector influence. In a recent report usenergyjobs.org notes:

  • Oklahoma boasts 97,616 Traditional Energy workers statewide, the majority of which work in Fuels (68,102 total)
  • The Traditional Energy sector in Oklahoma is 6.1 percent of total state employment (compared to a national average of 2.3 percent of national employment)
  • Overall, Traditional Energy jobs grew by 2.5 percent since the previous report, and this amounts to an increase of 2,424 jobs overall, with the main increase occurring in the Energy Efficiency sector

Recently, however; Oklahoma City has sought to diversify its economy outside of the energy sector, and subsequently the city has experienced a boom in the sectors of information technology, services, health services, and administration. Under the city’s initiative Forward OKC VI, a plan that seeks to build off of the city’s previously plans implemented over the last 25 years, Oklahoma City will be seeking to ween itself off of its energy influence by by embracing the following cornerstone concepts:

  • Growth and diversification
  • Innovation and talent
  • Advocacy an initiatives
  • Image and reputation

Ultimately, through these cornerstone goals OKC hopes to diversify its economy, grow its current workforce, and improve the reputation of the city along with the overall quality of resident’s life. The city will seek to partner with higher education, and increase the talent pipeline through an aggressive marketing effort that will highlight OKC’s low cost of operation. Moving forward, the city hopes to expand its bioscience and healthcare industries, and increase aircraft/aerospace operations in Oklahoma beyond maintenance. This flexibility and adaptability should be perceived as a positive to individuals looking at moving to Oklahoma City.

Explore the Cuisine

Traditionally, from a culinary perspective the Midwest is characterized by hearty and simple dishes such as roasts and stews, as well as comfort classics like fried chicken and barbeque. Oklahoma City exemplifies this notion with its abundance of standout restaurants featuring downhome classics like biscuits, fried okra, cornbread, grits, and chicken-fried steak.

Alternatively, largely due to the city’s continued efforts in diversification, Oklahoma City has become a popular choice for startup restaurant ventures. As such, the city ultimately features a diverse roster of restaurants that balance homestyle traditional options with newer and more adventurous styles of cooking. We’ve listed a few of our area favorites below:

  • Bedlam Bar-B-QThis OKC institution prides itself in preparing its meats in the old traditions of curing and dry-rub applications. Originally founded in 2003, Bedlam’s uses a closely guarded family spice recipe to serve up barbeque classics like smoked chicken, chopped and sliced brisket, ribs, hot links and more.
  • Nonesuch –Ā Previously voted “America’s Best New Restaurant” by Bon Appetit magazine, Nonesuch is a twenty-seat tasting-menu restaurant located in the heart of Oklahoma City. The restaurant seeks to produce meals and plates inspired by the prairie, woodlands, and regional farming.
  • Tucker’s Onion Burgers –Ā Oklahoma is the birthplace of the Onion Burger, a culinary creation consisting of ground beef pressed with a pile of thinly shredded onions. Originally, this creation was built off of economic necessity – In the Depression Era a handful of cafes in Western Oklahoma sought ways to stretch beef further in their menu offerings. Tucker’s Onion Burgers seeks to keep this tradition alive, offering delicious, authentic Oklahoma Onion Burgers in a vintage modern setting.
  • Kendall’s RestaurantKendall’s is a family owned restaurant that has been serving home style cooking for over 30 years. Be sure to try this restaurant’s Original Chicken Fried Steak!
  • Cheever’s CafeA local favorite since 2000, Cheever’s is an elegant bistro that offers Southwestern and Southern cuisine, or “contemporary comfort food” as the restaurant prefers to call it. This restaurant has quickly become one of Oklahoma City’s favorites – Consider planning a weekend trip around a visit to this popular establishment.

As seen, despite its traditional culinary influences, Oklahoma City is still able to distinguish itself as a culinary force with its varied, exciting, and adventure restaurant options. Are you considering moving to Oklahoma City this year? Be sure to stop at one of our restaurant favorites listed above!

Explore the Excitement

Demographically, Oklahoma City is a remarkedly young city, with half of its residents under the age of 40. The city caters to this younger demographic with its selection of live entertainment attractions, and notably the city is host to a number of professional sports teams. Since a move from Seattle in 2008 the city has been host to the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, a team that plays out of Chesapeake Energy Arena. This team rose to recent prominence through the performance of superstars Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russel Westbrook, a handful of stars that successfully led the franchise to an NBA finals appearance in 2012. Overall the team has been remarkedly successful in its new location at Oklahoma City – A recent report shows that the Thunder franchise is now worth $1.66 billion, and has moved up to rank 22nd in overall NBA franchise value.

Alternatively, outside of the NBA, Chesapeake Energy Arena is host to a number of additional live events that include NHL exhibition games, MMA and pro wrestling events, live music, and comedy performances. Additionally, since 2007 the Chesapeake Energy Arena has hosted numerous college basketball exhibitions such as the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament, the Big 12 Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament, and the First and Second Rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Considering moving to Oklahoma City this summer? Be sure to attend an Oklahoma City Thunder game at Chesapeake Energy Arena!

Explore the Culture

As with any capital city, Oklahoma City functions as the cultural epicenter of Oklahoma, and the city highlights this concept with its numerous museums, theaters, and concert venues. Perhaps the most notable of Oklahoma City’s cultural attractions is the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, or the OKMOA, a museum located in the Donald W. Reynolds Visual Arts Center in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Celebrated as one of the leading arts institutions in the region, the Museum boasts a collection of exhibitions and artworks from North America, Europe, and Asia, with particular strengths in American art and postwar abstraction. The Museum also features a theater that showcases a variety of foreign, independent, and classic films each week, a restaurant that serves artisan beers and classic seasonal cocktails, and is noted to house a collection of Chihuly glass that includes a 55-foot Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick Memorial Tower in the Museum’s atrium. Prior to your visit you should be sure to check the Museum’s event calendar – The Museum notedly schedules guest lecturers and special exhibits throughout the year.

Beyond the Museum, Oklahoma City is host to a number of notable performing arts centers, with the Civic Center Music Hall being its most prominent. Operational since 1937, the center is home to seven professional arts organizations: Canterbury Voices, OKC Broadway, Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Ballet, Oklahoma City Philharmonic, Oklahoma City Rep, and Painted Sky Opera. More than 250 performances at four different stages are held at the Civic Center Music Hall each year – Check the music hall’s event calendar for an up to date list of of the upcoming performances.

Storage Sense in Oklahoma City OK

By this point you should be sold on the validity of Oklahoma City as an appealable destination. Originally founded on the traditional ideals and values of Midwest culture, the city has since diversified to become a flourishing epicenter of cultural and economic growth within the state of Oklahoma. And now that you’re considering moving to Oklahoma City; what are your next steps? Look to Storage Sense in Oklahoma City for your source of affordable public storage in Oklahoma City! Storage Sense in Oklahoma City can help you with your move with amenities that include drive-up storage units, indoor storage units, and temperature controlled storage units all secured within a gated and fenced facility with 24 hour digital camera surveillance on premise. Feel secure choosing Storage Sense for public storage in Oklahoma City this year!

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