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Long Term Storage Tips for your Automobile

long term storage

Fall is almost upon us, which means winter is right around the corner. The friendly faces at all of our Storage Sense locations realize that this is a time where you may need to keep your belongings in long term storage. Do not worry–we can help with that! Regardless of the weather, long-term storage is a great option for those who are home searching or growing their business.

Our self-storage experts can provide solutions to all of your storage needs. While not all of our locations offer it, long-term vehicle storage is often a concern. Below are some great tips from our experts at Storage Sense to help you in the preparation of storing your vehicle.

long term storage

Long Term Storage Tips

  1. To protect your vehicle from the elements, it is critical that a vehicle cover provides coverage for the entire body.
  2. Prior to storing, it is recommended that the vehicle be completely cleaned. Adding a layer of wax is also recommended for additional protection.
  3. Fill your fuel tank up even if the storage unit is within close proximity. Add a fuel stabilizer as well if you plan on storing it for over 30 days.
  4. No one wants to come back to their vehicle only to find out the tires are flat. Prevent this by filling your tires to the manufacturers maximum PSI.
  5. For peace of mind, it is a good idea to keep your insurance on your vehicle current. In the event of the emergency, it is good to know you can use your car and know that it is insured.

Outdoor and indoor parking for vehicles are offered at many of our locations. A great deal of our locations also provide space for boats and RVs. Regardless of their features, all of our Storage Sense locations have the self-storage experts to help you with long-term storage. Do you think you will need long-term storage? Call us or rent/reserve online today!