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How to Make Extra Space By Selling Items Online

Sell Online

Ready to start spring off with an organized home? Selling things you no longer want or need online can be an easy way to get ready for spring. Storage Sense is getting your gear ready to sell online this month with website, tips, and benefits.

Storage Sense has multiple storage units in a neighborhood near you, so choose the storage facilities closest to you and star selling your extra belongings online. Some of our tenants get their house in order before the sale is final with self storage. Businesses find storage space to be helpful for extra merchandise. Start with these tips for selling online.

Tips for Selling

  1. Be clear and concise with your descriptions – add dimensions or more photos.
  2. Take a photo of tags for name brand items.
  3. Be realistic about your starting price. If you are willing to come down, let customers know they should make an offer.
  4. If the item you are selling does not work or has major damages, put the details in the description.
  5. Stay safe online and meet in a public location or send items to your buyer.
  6. Many of the websites do not allow anything related to alcohol.

How Selling Items Can Help You

  1. Graduating from college in May? Many recent grads sell belongings they no longer want online to help get ahead of student loans.
  2. If you are regularly selling online, the extra money coming in, can also act as a summer job or extra income.
  3. Families see a benefit to clear out the house after the kids have outgrown baby clothes.

Use self storage for your keepsakes and online product. Storage Sense experts are here to answer your questions and help you find self storage near you. Talk with a store manager or choose a location and storage unit online.