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How to Find Houses to Flip

Don’t know how to start your house flipping journey? Check out Storage Sense’s guide on finding affordable houses to flip. We will guide you through how to effectively research homes while providing you with storage solutions during your renovation process. 

How to Find Houses to Flip

How to Find Houses to Fix Up & Flip 

Research the Area Well

One of the first steps in finding a home to flip is to research the area. There may be multiple houses in different cities or states that you are interested in so we suggest getting as much information on these areas as possible. Certain geographic locations may fit your criteria while others do not. We recommend creating a budget along with a checklist of specific factors that you are looking for in homes. New Silver Lending’s state-by-state guide to house flipping is a great resource that can assist you with finding affordable homes to flip by state. Once you have researched the area and narrowed down your search, you can begin looking into specific houses. 

Search Online, But Also Make In-Person Real Estate Connections

To make the most of your home flipping experience, we recommend using Zillow to search for homes in person. The interface is user-friendly and provides virtual tours so you can see what each room looks like without driving all over town or making an unnecessary trip. In addition, Zillow’s Home Sellers Guide and Foreclosure Center have more information regarding the home-buying process. You’ll also want some local expertise if possible – especially since buying real estate isn’t always easy regardless of how much research has been done beforehand (untrained buyers find themselves at a disadvantage). If you are unfamiliar with the real estate agents in your area, use Realtor as a tool to research agents near you. Finding properties at affordable rates can seem difficult but with dedication and research, it can be done. Check out Jon Schoeller’s YouTube video for tips on how to buy a house to flip for as low as $8000.

Identify Red Flags During Your Search

During your search for homes to flip, you will come across many properties with red flags. These are issues in homes that can be extremely expensive and difficult to repair. If you do have the budget to make certain repairs, we suggest hiring professionals who have expertise in the areas needed. Further damage could make the issue even worse and more expensive. Listed below are red flags to stay clear of during your search for houses:

  • Too Small of Kitchen/Bathroom Space
  • Plumbing Issues
  • Electrical Complications
  • Water Damage
  • Cracks in Foundation
  • Pest Infestations
  • And More

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Katie Mest

Katie Mest

About the Author: Katie Mest is a Content Marketing Specialist at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. She specializes in writing about the self storage industry, including storage tips and helpful resources. Outside of work, Katie enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors and snuggling in with a crochet project and her cat, Billie.