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Getting Your Summer Gear Ready

summer gear

Are you constantly tripping over beach blankets and outdoor furniture? Stop all the stubbed toes and make some room in your home. Storage Sense has locations near you to help! You summer gear will be reaady to go when you are on the move.

Hosting neighborhood parties and having all the family over are just some of the highlights of summer. When the supplies start taking over your house it’s time to jump into action with Storage Sense. Find your convenient location. 

Get on the road to relaxation faster and ask your property manager about extended gate hours. Most of our facilities offer this convenience at a small fee, talk with them today.

summer gear

Patio Furniture:

  • If you here of a harsh storm arriving, baton down the hatches and put covers on furniture.
  • The swing set in the back yard can handle the winter cold but will need a good scrubbing before the youngsters get on there.
  • Do not store anything wet or even damp. Keep everything out to dry until there is no moisture left.
  • There is a small chance of animals breaking into your beautiful cushions and making a cozy home. Check for any intrusions.
  • Sort plastic tableware in clear bins with labels.

Camping Gear:

  • Keep an eye out for holes forming near the seams.
  • It is best to open up and set out your tent to check for any bugs and let it air out.
  • Replace anything that is broken or missing. Make a note of what you need before putting your tools away.
  • There is moisture wherever you go, whether it rained or not. So let everything dry thoroughly.
  • Propane tanks and lighters should never be kept in your unit. Keep these items in a safe place.
  • Coolers and food bags should be cleaned to cutback on the temptation for rodents.
  • Take the batteries out of flashlights and anything else battery powered.

Storage Sense is prepared to guide you and your family’s belongings into a safe accessible storage unit today!

storing your items