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End of Summer Self Storage Tips

Self Storage Tips

How do you prepare for fall? Move a few belongings, clear out the garage, all these tasks are possible with Storage Sense. Our self storage tips and storage units are just the thing you need to store your beach towels, tanks tops, and camping equipment until next spring. With multiple storage facilities, in multiple neighborhoods, we have what you are looking for in a self storage unit. Each facility is stocked with moving supplies and storage professionals to be a guide through the rental process.

Use our suggestions to get started storing, and then give us a call and swap your seasons with ease.

Self Storage Tips

  • Seasonal clothes should be separated by type of clothing and clearly marked on the outside of the box.
  • Mold and mildew can be detrimental to pool toys, so leave enough time to dry up water from a fun season in the pool.
  • A yearly maintenance to your lawn mower is a must and right before you move it to storage is a great time to do it. Clean under the deck of your lawn mower to get rid of grass clippings. Doing this small maintenance on your yard equipment will help them last longer and be ready for future seasons.
  • Leftover food on the grill will attract the wrong crowd in your storage unit. Clean under the grates and burners, then apply a layer of oil to prevent rust from forming.
  • Your gardening equipment may need a little sprucing before next year, so grab the paint, sandpaper, and sharpening tools to make them look like new.
  • Take the battery, spark plugs, and gas out of your lawn mower and tiller. It is important to take any flammable liquids and store them elsewhere.

Storage Sense aims to make seasonal storage simple and fast. With these self storage tips you are on the right track to an organized space for the winter. After everything is labeled and in boxes, choose a self storage facility near you and let us protect your items for as long as you need.