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Eastpointe MI Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts

Are your holidays in need of a little sprucing? Storage Sense Eastpointe MI storage solutions make every time of year easy. When it is time to bring in the summer gear or put out the decorations, a storage unit in Eastpointe MI keeps everything protected and organized.

What is the best way to give back during the holidays? There are many organizations that need assistance around this time of year. We want to do our part for our community. Gleaners Community Food Bank is feeding hungry people with healthy food. Through donation campaigns like ours they can fight to end hunger.

Gleaners works mainly in Southeast Michigan with the help of volunteers and donations they aim to achieve a hunger free Michigan. They have perfected the method of gathering food that would otherwise go to waste. There are 5 distribution centers that sort, and divide donations up for soup kitchens, pantries and all 534 partners the request food.

Since the year 1940, Gene Gonya, co-founder of Gleaners, has had the passion for helping others. It was not until 1970 that Gene founded the organization. While renting the first floor of a Detroit warehouse, Gene found a way to properly store and distribute food to many of the surrounding kitchens and pantries. Since none of the kitchens could accept truck load donations, they were missing out on possible meals. Gene saw the need and filled the problem. With space and a little organization his foundation is now able to disperse food to hands that need it most.

After starting Gleaners, Gene went on to begin Second Harvest, now known as Feeding America, and also the Food Bank Council of Michigan. He now is enjoying the relaxation of retirement. Our southeast Michigan community has been greatly impacted with these foundations thanks to his willingness to give.

We are excited to be part of this donation process and help fight hunger in our neighborhoods. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to donate and give.