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College Storage Mistakes You Should Avoid

College Storage Mistakes

The end of a semester can be a hectic period of time. Students have wrapped up their exams and are looking forward to a much needed break back home. Subsequently, picking out a storage rental is likely one of the last things on their mind.  Thankfully, Storage Sense is your premier destination for affordable state college storage units. Read more below to avoid common college storage mistakes this summer!

Avoid Overpacking – Sell or Donate Your Unneeded Items

Consider donating any unneeded items to an area thrift store. Or, perhaps you have some friends staying the summer on campus that might find use out of your bulky couch or oversized tv. Additionally, any unneeded items can be placed on your campus’ message board, or listed on an area marketplace. Remember – your storage area is limited, so only pack items you know will be needed when you come back from your break.

Avoid Downsizing – Pick the Right Size Unit for Your Needs

As a college student, money is often tight and you might be considering renting a smaller unit. Still, there is nothing more frustrating than running out of storage space mid-move. Recognize that your storage area is a finite space, and as such, you might want to consider upgrading to a larger size. Moving.com elaborates on this statement in their recent article highlighting helpful summer storage tips for college students. As they note, a 5×5 storage unit should be sufficient for a one-bedroom apartment or a single dorm room, and a 5×10 storage unit should suffice for a two or three-bedroom apartment. You can also use Storage Sense’s moving calculator for an easier idea of what size storage unit you should consider.

Avoid Clutter – Organize Your Storage Unit Efficiently for Easy Access

Avoid the common college storage mistake of disorganization. Consider creating a spreadsheet for your storage unit. Take note of your storage unit’s contents, and be sure to label any boxes or storage bins you are storing. Be sure to utilize your storage unit’s vertical space. Larger boxes and storage bins should be placed on the floor, and you can stack smaller more lightly packed boxes on top. Store items such as textbooks and seasonal clothing closer to your storage unit’s door for easier access. Visit a Storage Sense location nearby today for all of your packing and moving supplies!

Storage Sense – Locations Throughout the US

Looking for affordable state college storage units? Look no further than Storage Sense in the US. This nationwide storage facility offers amenities including temperature-controlled storage units, secure gated access, and the convenience of moving and storage supplies sold onsite. Additionally, each facility offers month-t0-month storage rentals – this feature is perfect for college students looking for short-term rental options in between semesters. Come rent with us today!