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Commercial Storage Benefits for Your Business

Commercial Storage

Need storage for an upcoming move or remodel? Storage Sense has all the commercial storage options you need. With more than 110 facilities across the country, Storage Sense offers premium storage near you. Call your local facility to speak to an expert about how we can set up your business with self storage and help it excel.

Storage Sense Commercial Storage Feature Options

Contactless Storage Rentals

There is no need to even rise from your couch. Once you find a storage unit that will fit your needs, you can choose to rent or reserve it. Renting completes the transaction right away. If you reserve, you pick a future move-in date and complete the payment at another time before that date. For the full contactless storage renting experience, you can also use our online bill pay.

Flexible Renting

Storage Sense spreads across the country. Wherever you are, your local Storage Sense facility can help you find the storage your business needs. With our month-by-month leasing option, you have to pay for only the amount of time you require. You can store for a few months to get your business set up or if you are moving locations. Some businesses make their storage unit their business’ primary storage for inventory or equipment. We have lots of options available for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Business Items Commonly Stored in Commercial Storage

  • Products and Supplies
  • Displays and Shop Features
  • Inventory
  • Documents
  • Tools and Work Equipment

Be sure to double check with your facility before storing certain items. For example, painters are a common profession that use self storage. We can store most supplies, but we cannot store paint due to its highly flammable nature.

Flexible Storage at Storage Sense

Whether you need to large or small storage long-term or short-term, Storage Sense can accommodate your storage to your needs. Rent month-by-month to stay adaptable as your storage needs change. We are happy to help your business along its journey. Find the location closest to you to start organizing your business with Storage Sense!