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How Can Our Storage Space Help You While Staging Your Home?

storage space for staging your home

Warmer weather is coming soon, are you moving? When the seasons start to change so do many of our living situations, and our storage space is beneficial when you need to store a couple items until you find your next home.. The spring is the best time to move and Storage Sense is helping you get ready for the big open house with these staging tips.

storage space for staging your home

Grooming the Outdoors

  • If the weather permits, trim trees and grass often. Make sure there are no branches obstructing walkways or parking spots.
  • April showers bring May flowers, so plant a few colorful plants around the garden.
  • During cooler months pick up sticks that have fallen and clear a path if there is snow.
  • Keep an eye on the driveway and sidewalk, both can become extremely slippery if the temperatures drop.

Tricks to Staging

  • Pack up seasonal coats and clothes for storage. Leaving your closets about half full, showcases how much storage your house has to offer.
  • Cut back on the appliances in your kitchen. Open counter space is the key to highlighting the best parts of your cooking space.
  • You can use the artwork and decorations you already have. Those colorful vases are just what your table top needs.
  • Pull out a set of towels that all match. Keep the bathroom presentable just in case a surprise showing takes place.
  • Depending on the size of the room, a potted plant will bring a little life back into the house.
  • Putting a mirror in a small room makes the area seem larger.

Final Touches

  • Since the house is now on the market, regularly clean key parts of the house, like the kitchen.
  • Avoid cooking strong smelling food such as fish. These odors can be tough to get rid of.
  • Remember to secure all your belongings at a nearby storage facility.

While you impress your buyer, Storage Sense is protecting your treasures with our large storage space.