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Back To School Storage Tips

Local Storage

Back to school, fall storage, time to get your gear stored for the next season! Storage Sense is your local storage option with almost 100 self-storage locations. Are you moving a few things to storage for the season? Whether you are preparing for cooler weather or the kids are headed back to school, Storage Sense can help! We promise to be more than storage for you, we want to help you organize for the school year too. 

Check out our solutions for around the house and at the storage unit. 

Local Storage

Home Organization: Back To School Season

  1. Put a bin in the fridge of easy to grab lunch snacks to help the kids eat healthy and pack on the go. 
  2. Make a cubby for backpacks, shoes, and lunch boxes, closer to the door the better. 
  3. Use old soup cans for at-home school supplies. A homework station is helpful for after school projects and assignments. 
  4. Consider adding a station with information about the upcoming weeks, a calendar, menu, chore list will help your family stay organized. 
  5. Use a hanging fabric shelf to lay out the week’s outfits ahead of time. 

Storage Unit Tips: Seasonal Storage 

  1. Move your RV or boat from the driveway and store it with Storage Sense for the season! Many of our locations have outdoor and some indoor parking areas! 
  2. For those in cooler climates, swap the lawnmower for snowblower, just do not forget to empty the gas tank before storing.
  3. Extra air in tires before storage will keep your bikes ready to ride in summer.
  4. Stay organized at the storage unit with moving supplies for the job! All our Storage Sense locations provide moving supplies for purchase. 

Storage Sense is a multi-location local storage option for you. Get the kids on the bus and ready for school while you get the house prepared for fall. Find a storage unit near you today!