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The Definitive Guide to Moving to Denver

Movers Guide To Denver Colorado

Are you considering moving to Denver, Colorado this year? Home of sunshine and the great outdoors, the state capital of Colorado is a top neighborhood to live in and quickly becoming a popular location for young families. If you are planning your move to the state or a new neighborhood, be sure to read our definitive guide to moving to Denver, Colorado today!

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Explore Denver’s Economy

Quick Facts

Population: 727,211

Average Home Value: $390,600

Median Rent: $1,311

Median Household Income: $68,592

Economically, Denver is the largest and most prominent city in Colorado, and the city notably boasted an impressive $157.6 billion GMP in 2010, an amount that established the city as the 18th largest metro economy in the US. The city’s significance has in some part been established through its geographic position and its connection to some of the country’s major transportation systems. Indeed, Denver is the largest city within 500 miles, and this distinct geographic position has led the city to become a storage and distribution hub to the Mountain States, Southwest states, as well as all Western states. The city also benefits as being nearly equidistant from large cities of the Midwest, such as Chicago and some larger cities of the West Coast, such as Los Angeles.

Largely due its strategic geographic location, the city is host to a number of larger corporations, the most prominent of which include Molson Coors Brewing Company, United Airlines, the Gates Corporation (the world’s largest producer of automotive belts and hoses), MapQuest, and Re/Max. Additionally, due to city’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains a number of larger mining, gold and natural gas corporations are headquartered in the city that include Newmont Mining Corporation (the second-largest gold producer in North America), Chevron, Smith International, and the Ball Corporation (a noted glass manufacturer). Similarly, this geographical influence extends to incorporate government establishments – Notably the Denver Mint and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory make their headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Moving forward Denver looks to retain its economic significance, while simultaneously the city is seeking to reposition itself as a desirable tech hub, similar to Silicon Valley. Tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Apple have all recently opened second headquarters or offices in the region, and the city hopes that its affordability, startup favorability, and robust network of universities and colleges to recruit from will continue to influence tech company’s decisions to choose Denver as a headquarters.

Moving to Denver, Colorado this year? Experience a robust and thriving economy that will flourish for years to come.

Explore Denver’s Culture

Denver ultimately stands as the cultural epicenter of the state of Colorado, and the city is host to a number of of significant and influential museums, art centers, theaters, and more. Notedly, Denver is host to the Denver Performing Arts Complex (or the DCPA), one of the largest performing arts centers in the United States. The DCPA is a four-block site containing ten performance spaces that are host to a theatre company, Broadway touring productions, contemporary dance and ballet, chorales, a symphony orchestra, opera and more. Organizations that regularly appear in one or more of the DCPA’s performance spaces include the Colorado Ballet, the Colorado Symphony, and Opera Colorado. Be sure to check the DCPA’s event calendar prior to planning your visit.

Equally as culturally influential, Denver is home to the Denver Art Museum (or DAM), an art museum in the Civic Center of Downtown Denver. The DAM hosts encyclopedic collections of more than 70,000 diverse works from across the centuries and world, making this Denver institution one of the largest art museums between the West Coast and Chicago. Particularly, the Museum is known for its collection of American Indian art, as well as the Petrie Institute of Western Art, both of which comprise the Museum’s Western art collection. The DAM’s structure itself is also something of significance – The Museum’s iconic Martin Building (formerly known as the North Building) was designed by famed Italian architect Gio Ponti in 1971, and similar it its reverence, the DAM’s Hamilton Building (housing the Museum’s Modern and Contemporary Art, African Art, and Oceanic Art collections) was designed by acclaimed Architect Daniel Libeskind.  Be sure to check out the DAM’s event calendar prior to planning your visit!

Moving to Denver, Colorado this year? Be sure to visit the city’s numerous cultural attractions like the Denver Performing Arts Complex and the Denver Art Museum.

Explore Denver’s Excitement

Denver is a remarkably young city – The city’s median age is 37, and its largest age block is 15-29. The city caters to this younger demographic with its wide selection of live entertainment options, as well as its collection of nearby outdoor attractions. Denver is home to a variety of sports teams, and notedly the city is one of 13 US cites with teams from all major sports. Readers should be familiar with the Denver Broncos, a team that has played out of Mile High Stadium since 1960 and most recently won the Super Bowl in 2015. Denver’s additional professional sports teams include the Colorado Rockies playing out of Coors Field, and the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche who both play at Ball Arena. Remarkedly all stadiums are located in the heart of Downtown Denver – Consider planning a weekend trip around a visit to one of Denver’s many professional sports teams this year.

Beyond live sports, Denver distinguishes itself with its collection of outdoor attractions, particularly the many acclaimed ski resorts surrounding the city. Notable ski resorts within the immediate Denver area include Vail Ski Resort, a mountain boasting the fourth-largest area of skiable terrain in the US, Breckenridge Ski Resort (which is currently owned by Vail), and Copper Mountain, a mountain and ski resort located about 75 miles outside of Denver in Summit County, Colorado. Additional smaller mountains include Keystone Resort, Loveland Ski Area, and Winter Park Resort.

Moving to Denver, Colorado this year? Be sure to visit one of the city’s many exciting attractions.

Explore Denver’s Cuisine

Denver is a diverse and thriving city, and its culinary offerings ultimately act as an extension of this concept. As such, the city is host to a number of revered and critically acclaimed restaurants that highlight an array of diverse culinary styles. Read more below to learn of some of our area favorites!

  • Blackbelly – The brainchild of Top Chef Season 5 winner, Hosea Rosenberg, Blackbelly is a farmhouse-chiq eatery and butcher shop that specializes in charcuterie, burgers, steak and hand-cut Kennebec fries. The Blackbelly Butcher Shop features livestock from the surrounding Colorado farms and ranches, meaning all meat sold is natural, hormone and antibiotic-free.
  • The Wolf’s Tailor – Perhaps Denver’s most ambitious and unique new restaurant, The Wolf’s Tailor is a nod to the craftsman who fashioned sheep’s clothing for the sly wolf, and as such, the restaurant ultimately seeks to pair Italian recipes with Asian and Japanese flavor profiles. Currently the restaurant features an Omoakase menu that relies on techniques involving charcoal cooking, house-milled heritage grains, and a binchotan grill – This is one restaurant every foodie should visit!
  • Hop Alley – A hip Chinese restaurant at the heart of Downtown Denver, Hop Alley puts an exuberant and modern spin on regional Chinese staples that include steamed eggplant, Beijing duck rolls, and bone marrow-fried rice.
  • Nocturne – Notable as one of Denver’s only jazz clubs, Nocturne features Art Deco-inspired decor against a backdrop of fantastic live music and an impressive and accomplished seasonal menu.

Additionally, beyond its restaurants, Denver is widely known for its thriving craft brewery scene. We’ve listed a few below that any individual moving to Denver, Colorado should be sure to check out!

  • Great Divide Brewing Company – Founded in 1994 by homebrew enthusiast Brian Dunn, this brewery has previously won eighteen “Great American Beer Festival” medals, five “World Beer Cup” awards, and currently holds fourteen spots on BeerAdvocate’s “Top Rated Beers: Colorado” list.
  • Denver Beer Co – Overall, Denver Beer Co serves some of the best premium artisan ales and lagers in Denver. The company focuses on utilizing fresh ingredients and promoting sustainable brewing practices
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company  – Founded in 1988, Wynkoop Brewing Company is heralded as Denver’s first brewpub. This Denver institution a renowned restaurant and innovative beers in a relaxed pool hall/bar setting.

As seen, Denver’s culinary scene is ultimately as varied and eclectic as its city inhabitants. Are you a new mover recently settling into the area? Consider checking out one of our many favorite restaurants or breweries this year!

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