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Organizing Room by Room


When it comes time to think about organizing your house, it can look like a very overwhelming task. From the living room to the garage, each room has its own way it needs to be organized and its own items. However, if you are able to overcome this task, experts say that getting rid of excess clutter would eliminate 40% of the housework in an average home ( Since it’s the New Year, why not start on getting organized today? Storage Sense is here to help you get started with tips on how to organize your house room by room. Follow these tips and you’ll be organizing rooms in no time!


Living Room

The living room is often the most used room in the entire house. Because of this, it can be difficult to not only begin organizing, but to keep the room organized and clean. One way to start that is a huge help is to get a wastebasket that matches the decorations of the room. This will help to eliminate clutter that can gather in the living room, and since it matches the decorations of the room, it will be just another piece of furniture. Papers and magazines can also gather on flat surfaces like tabletops. To solve this, get a bookshelf or file cabinet to store them. Under the table is also a great place to add storage for items like this. Rolling bins or storage cubes make a great addition to the living room and help keep items hidden and out of the way. Finally, why not make use of the space behind the sofa? A small trunk or cabinet can be a great fit in this space and can be used to store items such as pillows or blankets for guests.


Considering how often the bedroom is used, it can be just as difficult to begin organizing as the living room. However, with a few small tips, organizing your bedroom can become much easier. Since items tend to gather under the bed to begin with, why not convert this space into storage? Rolling containers or small bins make a great fit for this area and will help keep the space clean and organized. Closets can quickly become cluttered and turn into a space to put things when they have no other dedicated area. To fix this, use a shoe rack with multiple tiers or a small shelving unit to organize items and keep them off of the floor. This will open up floor space as well, which will make the closet and room as a whole seem much larger and more clean. Finally, a great way to add storage without compromising space in the bedroom is to take advantage of vertical storage. Something like a tall bookshelf adds a lot of space for storage without taking up much floor space. By following these tips, your bedroom will be organized in no time!

organization tips


Organizing the kitchen can be difficult since it can have such a variety of items, most of which you will use fairly often. One way to begin is to create your own furniture, such as a pot and pan rack. This may sound difficult, but by using a simple handrail and some “S” hooks from a hardware store, you can have your own pot rack. This will allow you easy access to cookware while keeping it out of the way and organized. The same thing can be done with spices by using glass jars and creating your own labels, or even making a small shelf for the spices. This will make them easier to identify and keep them all in one place. Finally, think about adding storage in places like under the sink. Spots like this make a great location to store cleaning supplies, such as sprays, rags, and gloves. You can even mount some small hooks to the inside of the cabinet door under the sink. These hooks are useful for items like gloves and rags, since it not only keeps them out of the way, but also lets them hang up to dry. With these tips organizing the kitchen can be simple!


The bathroom is usually the room that everyone avoids organizing. Despite this, it can be rather simple to organize and add storage in this room. The first place to look is the counter tops. How can you organize all of those hair supplies and personal care products? One way is to keep a plastic tub under the sink (or multiple tubs) to keep items organized and separated. This also keeps the counter clean, making the bathroom look much nicer. Adding storage in the bathroom is as simple as installing a cabinet or trunk over the toilet. Furniture like this doesn’t take up any extra floor space and is a great spot to keep items such as toilet paper and towels. Often times showers or baths can become messy from soap buildup and various bottles around the surface. A way to tackle this issue is to buy a shower caddy or small bin to store shampoo and soap in. This will prevent the buildup that happens in showers while keeping items organized and in one location. Follow these tips, and your bathroom will be organized in no time!



The garage can have so many different items in it that it can be difficult to organize. However, adding storage space in the garage is rather simple, and it will make the garage much more open and clean. One way to begin organizing the garage is to use wall space by installing racks or hooks for larger items, such as rakes, shovels, and other tools. This keeps the tools out of the way but still easily accessible. You can do the same thing with ceiling space by adding platforms or hooks for storage. The ceiling is a great place to keep items like bikes or ladders that may be used less often. By making use of this new space, your garage will be much more clean and have more floor space. Finally, if you have a workbench in your garage, you may want to install some cabinets either next to it or above the work bench. This will make it easier to work on projects and keep the area clean and organized, allowing you to find what you need more quickly.


Playrooms can quickly become cluttered with toys. One way to solve this is by using transparent storage bins for the toys. These bins will not only make finding toys easier, but the kids will also know where to put them away. You can also use other items from around the house like a hanging shoe organizer for stuffed animals or laundry bins for additional toy storage. A great way to use space effectively in a playroom is to have storage that doubles as furniture. This can be done through something like a window bench with a lid for storage. This way kids can store their toys and either sit or play on the bench as well. With these tips in mind, keeping the playroom organized and clean will be a breeze!

These tips for room by room organizing will make your house organized in no time! Check out our other blog posts for more tips about organizing and storing your items.