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5 Tips for Small Pantry Organization 

Small Pantry Organization

Are you searching for ideas to create a small pantry organization system in your house? If you’re working with a small space, like in your kitchen, you’ll need to get creative. And so we’ve provided some helpful storage tips to get your kitchen area organized. Check out these ideas from Storage Sense on how to make the most of limited storage.

Tips for Small Pantry Organization

Whether you want to completely remodel your pantry or make better use of the small pantry space you already have, there are plenty of ways you can organize this essential part of your kitchen. 

Consider Every Open Space

If you need more storage space in your kitchen, start by surveying other areas of your home for potential solutions. Could open shelves work above your sink? You might also want to add a kitchen island or extend one that is already present. And don’t forget to look outside the kitchen for inspiration; a passageway between the kitchen and living room might have enough room for a bigger cabinet or storage system while still allowing easy access to whatever you choose to store there.

Install a Pull-Out Pantry in Your Kitchen

A pull-out pantry is an excellent kitchen storage solution in the compact design. When you pull the door open, you may see each item and store everything away at the end of preparing your meal for a clutter-free kitchen.

Organize Your Food Storage Containers 

A safe way to organize your Tupperware and Pyrex containers is by stacking the bottoms on top of each other while keeping the lids vertical. Make sure not to store your containers too high in cabinets where they could cause an overhead avalanche.

Group Your Pantry Items 

The first rule of organization is generally grouping like items together. Once you have figured out the layout of your pantry, consider these categories for easy-to-find storage: 

  • Cans
  • Pasta/Grains
  • Bread/Rolls
  • Breakfast Food
  • Snacks
  • Spices
  • Bottles/Beverages

Stack Whenever Possible

Unless you have an expansive pantry, chances are you’re limited on shelving space. Create a stable foundation by thinking about which items, like cans and boxes, can be stored on top of each other long-term. This will help to quickly free up additional space.

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Amber Gantt

Amber Gantt

About the Author: Amber Gantt is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. She launches the websites for new storage acquisitions and maintains the existing sites by creating and editing website content. When Amber is out of the office, she's a foodie who enjoys exploring local restaurants and practices self-care habits such as writing and listening to neo-soul music.