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5 Storage Supplies You Need Before Moving

Storage Supplies

Moving to a new location or just looking to tidy up around the house? Self storage could be a simple solution for your extra belongings. Instead of feeling stressed about an upcoming move, make Storage Sense™ your home away from home for your boxes. Where can you find storage supplies to help you pack? All of our self storage locations offer a wide variety of storage unit tools to make stowing away your items less of a worry.

Is it the first time you are moving to storage? Learn how to pack your storage unit with the professionals. Our tips and tools for sale on site will be just what you need to feel at ease.

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5 Basic Self Storage Supplies to Purchase

  1. Boxes – Choose a variety and start packing! Be mindful of the weight capacity for each box.
  2. Tape – Secure those boxes! Tape top and bottom and make sure you have plenty of rolls for helpers to use as well.
  3. Bubble Wrap – Your breakables need a little extra cushion. After you run out of towels to cushion the movement purchase a few rolls of bubble wrap.
  4. Furniture Covers – Keep dust from sitting on your fabric couches or getting into your mattresses. Many of our storage locations offer all sizes.
  5. Locks – Yes, we sell storage locks on site! The convenience of buying a storage lock from us makes moving day less stressful.

A moving kit may be the perfect solution for getting all the storage supplies you need for your next move. Our on-site storage experts at all of our locations can also guide you to the right moving supply purchases.

Another Reason to Purchase Here

For the entire month of October, every one of our merchandise sales will have a portion of the total go to breast cancer research with Susan G Komen. This foundation has made great advances in the research for a cure and Storage Sense is proud to be teaming up with them this month.