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5 Garage & Shed Storage Tips

Shed Storage Ideas

Avid gardeners, outdoor enthusiasts, where do you store your seasonal tools? Your shed and garage take on most of our summer fun. Once the inflatable pool and patio furniture are nicely stored inside, parking the car in the garage may be a little tricky. Storage Sense has a few garage and shed storage ideas to make this outdoor storage space useful yet again!

Make Edits 

Garage Storage - Making Edits

Illustration by Zohar Lazar

After each season, go through your flower pots and tools and dispose of anything broken or faded. Make sure to put tools back in their correct boxes so you can find them easily. 

Keep, Throw Away, or Recycle 

Repurpose Golf Bag with Gardening Tools

Photo @HGTV

Your faded flowerpots under the window are perfect for paint supplies or small tools. If they are still in good shape and not too brittle use them for some DIY storage in the shed. you can even take advantage of some household belongings not living up to their potential; like this golf club bag. 

Store Elsewhere 

Designate a spot close to the garden to make a spot for small shovels and pics needed in the garden. A potters bench is useful close to the garden and frees up your shed space too! 

Use Self Storage 

Green Patio Seating

Our storage units near you are available all season long. Store patio chairs or move extra tools to storage. Self storage can be a shed away from home. 

Make DIY Shelves 

Make shelves to hold your long-handled tools in the shed. Leaning against the wall will only last a few times. Keep things along the wall from falling over with this DIY shelf for your shed. 

Storage Sense is here to help you with your home organization goals. With new projects and seasonal changes these garage and shed storage tips can help. Get your garage and shed ready for anything with a storage unit near you. Find a Storage Sense location near you today!