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3 Best Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

After the holiday season, the chaos and noise fades, and you are left with decorations you spent so much time perfectly placing around your home. When your stockings, lights, and tree are staring you in the face, come to Storage Sense for help. We have the resources and self storage to make your packing process a lot easier. Check out our holiday decoration storage tips below to get started!

Holiday Decoration Storage 101

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips to Keep You Organized

1. Section Off Boxes for Ornament Storage

We all know that ornaments are much more than just breakable little balls. They represent first Christmases, school crafts that stand the test of time, and important memories. To assure they make it to next year, pack away your ornaments with extra care. You can wrap each one individually in newspaper or bubble wrap. If you have some extra materials to work with, you can create sections in a box with cardboard to give each one a protective barrier.

2. Keep Your Artificial Tree Box

This tip requires previous action on your part. Hopefully you kept your artificial tree box, as it is the best way to store your tree. You already know that the box is the right size. Once you take the lights, ornaments, and garland off your tree, follow the box’s directions backward to disassemble the tree. To get the tree as tightly wrapped together as possible, you can bound the branches with string. If you do not have your tree box, you can look into a case made specifically for Christmas trees!

3. Think Long-Term for Wrapping Paper

You are going to need wrapping paper (or bags) for every holiday from here on out. Investing in a long bag or box to pack away your supplies could be your answer. You can keep it tucked discreetly under your bed or in your closet.

4. Use Self Storage to Protect Your Holiday Decorations

Not only does self storage give you access to a large amount of space, but it also helps you keep your decorations organized and protected from weather or pests. You can clear seasonal items from your home storage space to make room for items you use more regularly. Self storage is affordable for short-term and long-term rentals.

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Katie Mest

Katie Mest

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