Vero Beach FL Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts

How do you get ready for the holidays? Shopping for the best Christmas ham or rearranging furniture to accommodate your extra guests, may be on your to-do list. Harbor Storage is preparing for the holidays with Vero Beach FL storage solutions and a charity drive. We need your help to show a little kindness this year.

While you are out finding the best toys and sweaters for all your family members, add something to your cart for our holiday initiative. We want to help an organization in our neighborhood that is benefiting families during the holidays.

Helping Animals Live and Overcome (H.A.L.O.) is a no kill rescue shelter for furry friends. Maybe the kids asked for puppy or little kitten for Christmas, at H.A.L.O. you will find the pet that fits right in with your family.

In 2006 H.A.L.O. opened their doors to abused and abandoned pets. They knew every animal deserved a loving home and they are prepared to find the right place for every animal. They are a one of a kind shelter in Indian River County. H.A.L.O. is the only no-kill shelter and encourages others to do the same. That means they will not kill any animals because of age, health, or simply to make room for incoming pets. They work hard to provide for specific needs. The shelter has saved over 2,000 animals each year and will continue to grow with our help. Since they are the only no-kill shelter, they focus on teaching people how to care for sick or lost pets.

It all began in 2005 when founder, Jacque Petrone, received a phone call asking for help with finding a home for a litter of kittens that recently lost their mother because of a car. Petrone tried to find a no-kill shelter and realized there was a great need for something like this. That first year 225 animal lives were saved.

Since the beginning of H.A.L.O. they have built a new shelter with A/C and more efficient heating, and huge outdoor area for animals to exercise. We can help them in their effort to get homeless and forgotten animals off the streets.

We are very thankful for all the donations. A huge thank you goes out to our customers and neighbors for thinking of these furry friends during the holidays.