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July 1, 2021

Moving to Colorado Springs: A Definitive Guide

Peakview Movers Guide

Recently, within the last 10 to 20 years, Colorado and its larger cities have become a desirable destination to movers. The state ultimately exemplifies a number of desirable qualities: progressive ideals, a thriving and diverse economy, a wealth of attractions to visit, and a spectacular and varied natural landscape. Colorado Springs ultimately exemplifies these qualities perfectly; a concept we explore in our Colorado Springs movers guide today.

Moving to Colorado Springs this year? Read our definitive city-guide and learn what makes this city a spectacular destination for movers!

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Explore the City’s Economy

Quick Facts

Population – 478,221

Median Salary – $64,712

Median Home Value – $269,800

Colorado Springs’s economy is largely driven by the presence of two industries – military and high-tech – with the former being responsible for a significant part of the Colorado Springs economy. Indeed, some of the city’s largest employers are defense contractors, working in the section of the industry dedicated to the development and operation of various projects for space and missile defense, as well as the aerospace industry. Significant corporations in the city include Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics, L3Harris Technologies, SAIC, ITT, and Lockheed Martin. Fittingly, the Space Foundation is headquartered in Colorado Springs. This nonprofit organization advocates for all sectors of the global space industry, and subsequently the organization serves as an excellent representative of the previously mentioned military industry corporations.

Moving forward, the Air Force has announced that Colorado Springs will be the new permanent home for Space Command, a decision that moves the headquarters from its previous location in Huntsville, Alabama. Despite the Air Force’s announcement, Space Command’s move is not guaranteed – President Biden’s administration will still need to review the merits of the decision before coming to a conclusion of as to the headquarters definitive location.

Previously mentioned, the high-tech industry also accounts for a significant percentage of Colorado Springs’s economy, namely the manufacturing of high-tech and complex electronic equipment. High-tech corporations within the city include Verizon Business, a telecommunications firm that at its height employed nearly 1300 employees in the city, Hewlett-Packard, Keysight Technologies, Intel, and Cypress Semiconductor (a chip fabrication research and development site). Additionally, the National Cybersecurity Center was established in Colorado Springs in 2006. This nonprofit organization provides collaborative cybersecurity knowledge and services to the nation, and is ultimately an excellent representative of the previously mentioned high-tech companies.

Explore the City’s Cuisine

Colorado Springs is a robust, thriving, and diverse city, and its culinary scene mirrors these traits, offering residents an abundance of celebrated and diverse dining options sure to please any palate. We’ve listed a few of our city favorites below.

  • Carlos’ BistroFrequently listed as the top restaurant in Colorado Springs, Carlos’ Bistro is a elegant, upscale restaurant serving creative global fare & drinks in a warm, atmospheric space. Signature dishes of this Colorado Springs institution include their Grilled Colorado Lamb, Cioppino, Fresh Wild Catch, and a savory Fresh Leaf California Duck Breast.
  • Four By Brother LuckA true foodie’s paradise, this restaurant’s cuisine is continuously influenced by the Four main providers: the hunter, the gatherer, the fisherman and the farmer. Subsequently, the restaurant prides itself in its selection of fresh locally sourced produce, ingredients, and its meat options that include regional fish, duck, and chicken dishes.
  • Briarhurst Manor EstateLocated in a stately and elegant Victorian Manor House that was built in 1876, this estate offers a full service restaurant serving classic American fare paired with an amazing atmosphere that features spectacular views of the nearby Pike’s Peak. This elegant setting is the ideal venue for weddings, anniversaries, graduation parties and more.
  • The Rabbit Hole – Referred to as “Colorado Springs’ Best-Kept Secret”, this establishment offers upscale New American cuisine offset with a Wonderland-inspired ambiance. The restaurant’s menu consists of internationally and seasonally changing small plates, and inventive and daring cocktails – This restaurant is the perfect venue for your weekend date night.

Additionally, beyond the city’s numerous exemplary restaurants, Colorado Springs is also host a number of acclaimed and celebrated breweries and brewpubs that include:

  • Bristol Brewing CompanyThis brewery operates out of a former elementary school, and the company is known for its sustainable efforts that include the use of recycled water, the employment of a heat recovery system, and all six packs carriers are printed on 100% recycled cardboard.
  • Goat Patch Brewing CompanyNamed after the facial hair style of the head brewer, this brewery was opened in 2016, and has recently taken home the Silver award in Colorado Springs Independent’s Best Brewery category. The brewery itself focuses on three core principles: balanced brews, community engagement, and adventure.
  • Red Leg Brewing Company – Veteran-owned and operated since 2013, the brewery’s name “red leg” is derived from the Civil War battlefields, where soldier wore a cardinal stripe on their pant leg to denote their location on the field of battle. This brewery provides the highest quality craft beer set in a comfortable space to relax. Additionally, the brewery is known to host a variety of local food trucks daily.

Are you considering moving to Colorado Springs this year? Be sure to visit one of the city’s many exemplary and celebrated breweries or restaurants!

Explore the City’s Excitement

Colorado Springs is dubbed “Olympic City USA”, a nickname given to the city due to the presence of its three organizations: the United States Olympic Training Center, the United States Olympic Committee, and the United States Anti-Doping Agency. Perhaps the most notable and interesting of the three is the United States Olympic Training Center, an establishment that houses two campuses dedicated as training facilities for the country’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Overall, more than 15 member organizations train out of the headquarters, and notedly both the USA Swimming team and the USA Shooting team have their national headquarters at this complex.

Beyond serving as a training ground to the athletes, the Olympic Complex is host to a number of events and activities that include guided tours, summer sports camps, and corporate events that can include team-building exercises and keynote athlete speakers. Visit their website for more information in booking one of these events today!

Explore the City’s Nature

Colorado Springs is a nature lovers paradise, and fittingly the city and its surrounding areas feature a number of fantastic parks to explore. Perhaps the most significant park within the area is the Garden of the Gods, a public park located outside of Colorado Springs that was officially designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1971. This park is fittingly named for its enormous red rock formations original surveyors aptly described as being “a fit place for Gods to assemble“. Historically, the park’s rock formations were created during a geological upheaval along a natural fault line millions of years ago, and consequently, visitors can view evidence of past ages through the levels of erosion present on the park’s larger rock formations.

Recreationally the Garden of the Gods Park is a popular visit for hiking, technical rock climbing, road and mountain biking, and horseback riding. Additionally, the park is home to over 21 miles of trails, with specific sections used annually for events such as summer running races, recreational bike rides, and a Pro Cycling Challenge Prologue. Thinking of planning a trip to visit?  Consider scheduling a guided tour via Jeep, Segway, or Trolley this summer, and be sure to check the park’s Event Calendar prior to making your plans.

Beyond the city’s numerous parks, the area is also home to a number of trails ideal for hiking, mountain bike riding, and horseback riding, the most notable being the Pikes Peak Greenway. Pikes Peak Greenway is a 16 mile trail that runs through Colorado Springs paralleling Monument and Fountain Creek, and throughout its length the Pikes Peak Greenway passes through a number of parks that include the Gossage Youth Sports Complex, Boddington Park, Monument Valley Park, and America the Beautiful Park. This trail is beginner in difficulty, and ultimately provides an extensive and comprehensive look at the various parks surrounding the Colorado Springs area.

Moving to Colorado Springs this summer? Be sure to explore the city’s spectacular natural features.

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As seen, Colorado Springs is ultimately a diverse and varied city with an abundance of appeal. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy a thriving economy, and spectacular and celebrated dining options, both paired with a majestic and gorgeous natural backdrop.

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